IVD Services and Products

We find the right polymerase for you

Tell us about your assay and we look for the right DNA polymerase for you and establish & benchmark it with your PCR assay - all this free of charge!

Then we formulate the polymerase according to your needs.  Contact us for more information.

IVDR is coming - let's get ready

With the upcoming European In-vitro-Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) the classification on IVD will change. With this all IVD products used in combination require an analytical performance (AP) evaluation.

We support you in preparing your products for the IVDR in the best possible way:

  • DiagnosticGrade (in cooperation with the Johner Institut) - The new quality seal for reagents ensures performance and compliance of IVD components. (read more)
  • Take advantage of our experience to shape your products in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Use our CE-IVD approved components as components in your IVD.

Our IVD services and products support you in meeting regulatory requirements and relieve your laboratory resources. Contact us for more information.

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