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qPCR Probe 2x LyoCake Master Mix (freeze-dried)

  • qPCR Probe 2x LyoCake Master Mix simplifies your PCR setup and can be stored at room temperature. A cool chain is not needed anymore. The Master Mix is freeze-dried and dissolves within a few seconds after addition of the included rehydration buffer.

    After rehydration of the LyoCake, only primers, probes and template need to be added as the 2x Master Mix contains all components for a successful and reliable qPCR. This ensures reproducible results, significantly reduces set-up times and the risk of pipetting errors. The robustness of qPCR performance allows the application of this mix in a wide range of PCR applications.  

    For research use and further manufacturing.

    In case you are aiming to use our RUO products as components or for your development of e.g. an IVD medical device, please contact us.

  • The qPCR Probe 2x Lyocake Master Mix contains an engineered DNA polymerase and provides robust PCR performance for a wide range of qPCR applications, an optimized reaction buffer system, and ultrapure dNTPs. An aptamer-based hot-start formulation of the included  DNA polymerase prevents false amplification. Temperatures above 50°-55°C cause the aptamer’s secondary structure to melt and will set-free the polymerase. Only target specific primers and probes need to be added.


  • The freeze-dried qPCR Probe 2x Lyocake Master Mix can be stored at room-temperature. Please store rehydrated 2x Master Mix at -20°C. Minimize the number of freeze-thaw cycles by storing in aliquots. For a day-to-day use, we recommend keeping an aliquot at 4°C. Please store the included rehydration buffer upon arrival at -20°C.


  • SPLICELECT™: an adaptable cell surface display technology based on alternative splicing allowing the qualitative and quantitative prediction of secreted product at a single-cell level.
    Aebischer-Gumy C, Moretti P, Ollier R, Ries Fecourt C, Rousseau F, Bertschinger M. MAbs. 2020 Jan-Dec;12(1):1709333.
    Link to publication:

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Example results

Specific quantification over a broad dynamic range

A fragment (92 bp) of the human actin was amplified from a 10-fold dilution series of human genomic DNA extract (100 ng to 1 pg). Hydrolysis probe based realtime PCR was run with a two step protocol on the Lightcycler 96. 

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