Having worked in the field of DNA and RNA polymerases for decades, we offer our expertise to you! 

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myPOLS Biotec is a spin-off of scientists from the University of Konstanz. This scientific tradition lives on: Our expertise lies especially in the development of DNA polymerase assays and in the engineering of DNA polymerases with new properties and functions. We are continuously exploring new approaches and applications.

At myPOLS Biotec, scientific focus is paired with high quality standards. A sign of this is our  ISO 13485 certification, which enables us to offer you products and services for your in vitro diagnostic needs.

What we can do for you:

    Engineered DNA polymerases with new properties and functions:

    Our products have been successfully used in various applications worldwide for years. (link to references)

    • The Volcano Product family - A new generation of reverse transcriptase (read more)
    • HiDi® DNA Polymerase - Applications from mutation detection to genome editing (read more)


    Applications, we can advise and support you with:

      • DNA and RNA polymerase engineering
      • SNP-detection by allele-specific amplification (ASA) / Allele-specific PCR
      • Methylation specific PCR (MSP)
      • PCRs
      • RT-PCRs
      • Primer design
      • DNA polymerase screening
      • qPCRs
      • LAMP
      • New nucleic acid polymerase-based assay design, set-up, and optimization 
      • Primer extension reactions
      • Modified nucleic acids and triphosphates
      • Screening / High-throughput PCRs
      • Nucleic acid polymerase characterisation

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