Customized LyoBeads

Bring your assay kits to the next level with freeze-dried PCR beads.

LyoBeads are ready-to-use, freeze-dried master mixes in shape of a small ball or spheres.

LyoBeads contain: DNA polymerase(s), reaction buffer, dNTPs and primers and probes. They are rehydrated within seconds in any aqueous solutions, which  makes reaction setup very simple. Only a biological sample has to be added.

Storage: LyoBeads are shipped and stored simply at room-temperature. This provides a more cost efficient and ecological distribution compared to other master mixes.

LyoBeads can be pre-dispensed in PCR-strips, PCR-plates, cartridges etc.

Example performance data can be downloaded here.

As this is a customized product, we take your requirements very serious. You would like to know more? Please get in touch! 

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