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2'-O-Me sensitive RT-KTQ DNA Polymerase Mutant

  • Interested in the analysis of DNA or RNA modifications? Then this DNA polymerase could simplify your site-specific analysis of such modifications. The 2'-O-Me sensitive DNA polymerase was engineered to catalyse DNA synthesis from both DNA and RNA and to quantify 2'-O-methylation of nucleotides site-specifically from RNA by real-time PCR. For further information refer to the original publication.   

    Available upon request and for R&D use only - Contact Us 

    The 2'-O-Me sensitive DNA polymerase is supplied as a 5 µM solution containing glycerol and is supplied together with 10x reaction buffer. 

    The enzyme can also be used for real-time cycling, when adding a suitable dye.

    Link to the original publication

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