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PlexTaq® 5x qPCR Multiplex Master Mix

    • 5x Master Mix for Multiplexing applications, with all components for rapid, sensitive and reproducible quantification of DNA.

      + 5x concentration gives you more free volume for your primers and probes
      fast start function due to a hot-start aptamer formulation of the included engineered DNA polymerase prevents false amplification 
      + optimized for multiplexing purpose and reproducible PCR results
      + gives reliable results also with crude samples  
      + can be freeze-dried by us. Learn More

      This product is for research use only but it can also be used for diagnostic or commercial purposes. Please get in touch with us and learn more about our services and in-vitro diagnostic products. 

      For research use and further manufacturing.

    • - Probe based Real time qPCRs

      - Real time multiplex detection qPCRs

      - Direct real-time qPCRs (without sample extraction)

      molecular species identification by DNA barcoding
      multiplexed amplifications for NGS-based barcoding

    • How can I optimize the PCR conditions and prevent false amplification?
      - The annealing/extension temperature can usually be optimized. Try a temperature gradient and determine the best temperature, which results in a high amplification signal.
      - Shorten the extension and annealing time - too long and too many cycles may lead to over-amplification and side-products.

      How do I have to store the mix?
      - Keep at -20°C for long-time storage 
      - Minimize the number of freeze-thaw cycles by storing the product in aliquots. For a day-to-day use, we recommend keeping an aliquot at 4°C.
    • The activity of PlexTaq® DNA polymerase is monitored and adjusted to a specific DNA polymerase activity using an artificial DNA template and a DNA primer. PlexTaq® 5x qPCR Multiplex Master Mix is tested in a real-time multiplex qPCR. Hereby, the product demonstrates linearity of amplification over a specified serial dilution of target DNA. Enzyme concentration is determined by protein-specific staining. Please inquire more information at for the lot-specific concentration. No contamination has been detected in standard test reactions.

      PlexTaq® 5x qPCR Multiplex Master Mix is produced to our highest internal quality guidelines and within the scope of the actively held ISO 13485 quality management system certification.

Exemplary tetraplex PCR assay

Detection of three specific pathogen targets and an internal control. Total input DNA per reaction was 10^6 (red), 10^5 (yellow), 10^4 (blue), 10^3 (green), 10^2 (purple), 10 (light blue) and 0 copies (grey) and 8000 copies/reaction for the internal control (shown in the CY5 plot).

Multiplex PCR detection of various amounts. Tetraplex fashion. ROX, Cy5, FAM and VIC channel

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